Stories by Michael Cooney

Cisco will jettison 5,500 jobs

During its earnings announcement the company said total revenue was $48.7 billion, an increase of 3% over last year. Still the company faces challenges in its core switching and routing business.

Written by Michael Cooney18 Aug. 16 06:47

Cisco uncovers security threat in industrial control system

Cisco’s security intelligence and research group Talos, said that it had reported a serious vulnerability in Rockwell Automation’s industrial control system – the MicroLogix 1400 programmable logic controller (PLC).
The Simple Network Management Protocol exploit could let an attacker take complete remote control of the MicroLogix system and modify the device firmware, letting an invader run his own malicious code on the device.

Written by Michael Cooney16 Aug. 16 02:57

IBM unbolts vast threat database to fight cybercrimes

IBM today took cybersecurity threat sharing to a new level it opened its vast library of security intelligence data to public or private entities building defenses against cybercrimes.

Written by Michael Cooney17 April 15 04:37

IBM: Mobile app security stinks

Major weaknesses in mobile application development make enterprise data vulnerable to attack.

Written by Michael Cooney20 March 15 05:02