Stories by Michael Cooney

In pictures: The (mostly) cool history of the IBM mainframe

In its 50-year history the IBM mainframe has been hailed and vilified. It has been born, reborn (many times) and pronounced dead. And yet the Big Iron remains a key computing resource for many large companies and will do so for many years. Here we take a look at the mainframe’s long history, from its use with the US space program to its prominence inside large business datacentres. Take a look.

Written by Michael Cooney02 April 14 09:22

In Pictures: Delivery Drone Wars!?

Amazon, DHL, FedEx all in on using unmanned aircraft for package services. What’s next?

Written by Michael Cooney16 Dec. 13 08:28

In Pictures: Rise of humanoid robots

From the new Bionic Man to robotic bartenders, machines are looking and acting more human that ever.

Written by Michael Cooney28 Oct. 13 08:34