Stories by Michael Cooney

In Pictures: 10 cool analog computers

In their heyday, analog computers handled heavy-duty math, scientific and industrial applications.

Written by Michael Cooney22 July 13 08:17

CEOs and the 'social media thing'

IBM says a study it did of some 1700 chief executive officers worldwide found that many indeed - or should be - grasping social media as a key enabler of collaboration and innovation.

Written by Michael Cooney24 May 12 22:00

Gartner: The top 10 strategic technology trends for 2012

ORLANDO -- The technology that makes up many of the systems in the ITworld today is at a critical juncture and in the next five years everything from mobile devices and applications to servers and social networking will impact IT in ways companies need to prepare for now, Gartner Vice President David Cearley says.

Written by Michael Cooney19 Oct. 11 04:41

Sun pumps up overseas outsourcing plans

Sun is scaling back its vaunted Silicon Valley engineering group and expanding its facilities around the world to save on costs.

Written by Michael Cooney09 May 05 09:00

Town's VoIP net delivers Amber alert system

Few incidents can raise community angst, awareness and action like a missing-child report. So when the town of Herndon had a chance to implement the national child-abduction warning system known as "Code Amber" last fall, it went all out, converging its telecom, e-mail and data networks into a high-speed VoIP environment to support the new application.

Written by Michael Cooney04 March 04 14:50