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100 questions for a successful IT outsourcing engagement

When headcount and revenues shrink during a recession, executives often try to keep operations stable by controlling IT costs. Although they may have shunned the practice in the past, many midsize companies and government agencies are for the first time considering outsourcing out of necessity. For CIOs at these organisations, the prospect of outsourcing IT can be daunting because their performance will be evaluated by an entirely new set of criteria.
A wealth of data, case studies, consultant advice, and peer-to-peer war stories exist to help organisations make outsourcing decisions. But once the decision is made and it's time to transfer responsibility for corporate IT to the vendor, the CIO is in the hot seat. That seat can grow even more uncomfortable once the CIO realises that, to a large degree, the success of the outsourcing initiative depends upon the skills, knowledge and creativity of the project managers on the front lines of the engagement.

Written by Patricia Ensworth15 Aug. 10 22:00