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Digital ethics and privacy emerge as top tech trend to prepare for in 2019: Gartner

People are increasingly concerned about how their personal information is being used by organisations in both the public and private sector, and the backlash will only increase for organisations that are not proactively addressing these concerns, says Gartner vice president David Cearley

Written by Divina Paredes16 Oct. 18 11:02

BNZ partners with IBM for cross-channel fraud prevention

IBM Safer Payments will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyse behaviour and fraud patterns, build and adapt models of emerging fraud threats, and recommend countermeasure responses.

Written by Divina Paredes04 Oct. 18 12:38

CIO spotlight: Craig Musker of Cigna NZ

Taking on business and technology challenges for some of the most disrupted industries provided Craig Musker a prime foundation for his current role

Written by Divina Paredes04 Oct. 18 06:00

In pictures: IT Leaders Breakfast | Digital Now and Digital Savvy - Auckland

How can IT leaders continuously reinvent the business - with technology at the core - to stay competitive and address internal and external stakeholder demands? Technology and digital leaders share insights on this and other challenges in the cloud era, at the CIO and Computerworld breakfast forum in Auckland, held in conjunction with Zoho.

Written by Divina Paredes04 Oct. 18 06:00

Movers and shakers: Iggy Pintado, Bryce Johnson and Randeep Sudan

Plus: NZ Tech CEO Graeme Muller welcomes R & D tax incentive; Microsoft’s partnership with Enlighten Designs and Information Leadership; Jucy CEO Tim Alpe promotes pod hotel/flexible workspace; Richard Amer on FamilyNow child portal from Unisys

Written by Divina Paredes03 Oct. 18 05:30

In pictures: 'Digital now, digital savvy' breakfast forum in Wellington

Technology and digital leaders share ‘real-world’ stories of how organisations - already on the digital transformation path - can continue to realign IT to engage, compete and grow. The breakfast forum in Wellington featured presentations by NZQA CIO Lukasz Zawilski on ‘NZQA’s digital transformation: getting the culture right, challenging the norm'; Stats NZ chief digital officer Chris Buxton on ‘what digital first means for today’s business leaders’; and Zoho president Raj Sabhlok on ‘IT in the cloud era’. Vince Warnock, digital marketing manager at Cigna and Wayne Loke, senior manager for strategy, planning and performance at Stats NZ, joined the group for a panel discussion on steps organisations are taking to thrive in the digital era. ​The CIO and Computerworld New Zealand event, in partnership with Zoho, was also held in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne.

Written by Divina Paredes02 Oct. 18 06:30