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What is the next challenge for Sir Ralph Norris?

Sir Ralph Norris has been chief executive of three companies (ASB Bank, Air New Zealand and Commonwealth Bank of Australia) in two decades. His name is invariably linked to any references to CIO to CEO ascent in this part of the world.

Written by Divina Paredes21 April 13 22:00

Fighting smart

"I felt the learning curve was inverted, it was hanging up," says Laura Mather, on her experiences when setting up Silver Tail, an anti-fraud start-up.

Written by Divina Paredes11 April 13 14:18

Opus CIO resigns for role at ANZ, and other IT staff changes

Bruce Tinsley is among several senior IT professionals to have moved companies recently, having resigned as CIO of Opus International to join ANZ Bank as a consultant in its technology division.
Richard Croad has stepped up as Opus International director, information management and technology, from his role as director, service excellence/partner. Croad’s role reports directly to the chief executive and managing director, as opposed to the former structure where the CIO reported in to the CFO.

Written by Divina Paredes02 April 13 23:00


Linda Price, a group vice president at Gartner, says the image of information technology as a male domain will change — “fast”.
“As IT moves from strictly technology to a far more business focus; as it moves out of the back office through to the middle office and into the front office, it will actually be more attractive to women,” says Price, head of the analyst firm’s executive programmes in the Asia Pacific.

Written by Divina Paredes16 March 13 22:00

Strategy shakeup ahead

‘There are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests’ an oft quoted phrase in international relations, has comfortably slid into business parlance.
Organisations are revisiting strategies as they try to survive — and grow — in a stalled economy. Previous concepts of ownership are abandoned as new alliances are being forged — across sectors, and even with competitors.

Written by Divina Paredes11 March 13 22:00

Will CIOs morph into CFOs?

In three to five years, the CIO title will change into CFO. No, not as head of finance, but ‘chief flexibility officer’.

Written by Divina Paredes06 March 13 22:00

NZ mobile data traffic to increase eight-fold by 2017

New Zealand’s mobile data  traffic growth is forecast to increase eight-fold in the next five years.
This equates to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 50 percent, says Dr Robert Pepper, vice president for global technology policy at Cisco.

Written by Divina Paredes05 March 13 22:00

Talking points

“You can’t be an expert in everything.”
Vivian Chandra, ICT and database manager, Amnesty International

Written by Divina Paredes05 March 13 22:00

Mega reloaded

Many Silicon Valley startups -- and some global technology companies -- trace their beginnings to a garage, or a university dormitory room.

Written by Divina Paredes28 Feb. 13 00:20

Applying Big Data principles to information security

The impact of Big Data on security, information technology and enterprise strategy emerged as the key theme in this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Written by Divina Paredes25 Feb. 13 22:00

Big answers trump Big Data

The CTO for Obama's re-election campaign, Harper Reed, explains why he is no fan of the 'Big Data' buzzword.

Written by Divina Paredes25 Feb. 13 22:00

Data as differentiator (with video)

Too many organisations focus on analytics rather than business analytics, says Evan Stubbs, chief analytics officer, SAS Australia and New Zealand.
The difference between the two? “Analytics is any data driven process that generates insight,” says Stubbs, author of Delivering Business Analytics: Practical Guidelines for Best Practice. “Business analytics is using that information to drive some sort of positive outcome.”

Written by Divina Paredes20 Feb. 13 22:00

Leadership equity, unlocked

Simon Casey has a very different experience with his colleagues on two major trends impacting the ICT department -- bring your own device and the growing need to work with the marketing team.

Written by Divina Paredes19 Feb. 13 15:42