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Adapt and deliver

The lowdown from CIOs on how they feel about consumerisation of technology and how to manage this seemingly irrepressible trend. Here are highlights from a CIO roundtable on the topic.

Written by Divina Paredes22 Oct. 12 13:30

Career ladder: From CIO to deputy chief executive

Peter Thomas is leaving his general manager strategic programmes post at the New Zealand Defence Force, to become the deputy chief executive, corporate services at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Written by Divina Paredes21 Oct. 12 22:00

CIO Upfront: The five competitive forces that shape strategy - an update

Michael Porter’s ‘five forces’ have been influencing businesses since these first came out in the Harvard Business Review in 1979.
He rewrote the article in 2008 in which he reaffirms the five forces that shape industry competition: Threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitute products or services, bargaining power of suppliers, and rivalry among existing competitors.
In this video, CIO New Zealand editor Divina Paredes asks the Harvard Business School professor, that if he were to rewrite the article again, given the changes in the economy and business technology, what would he have focused on?

Written by Divina Paredes16 Oct. 12 22:00

Chief differentiator

For Thomas Salmen of Orcon, a big part of the technology leader's role is about "extracting the best out of raw materials" of the enterprise."

Written by Divina Paredes09 Oct. 12 20:29

The corporate scientist

Geraldine McBride looks at the technology industry through the lenses of a natural scientist.

Written by Divina Paredes03 Oct. 12 23:28

DNA of business technology leadership

It is a standard phrase now in the industry — that CIOs have the one-off advantage among their executive peers of having a comprehensive view of the organisation.
Ironically, this premium view also places an added expectation for CIOs and those aspiring to the role.

Written by Divina Paredes03 Oct. 12 22:00

Wanted: CIOs to help recruit the staff for 2017 and beyond

Paul Matthews, chief executive of the Institute of IT professionals (IITP), says CIOs and the “broader” IT community have to take ownership of one of the big issues facing the sector – increasing the number of skilled people choosing a career in information technology.
“We still have got a skills shortage, we still have got problems convincing people it is a good career to get into,” says Matthews.

Written by Divina Paredes02 Oct. 12 22:00

PODCAST: Interview with VMware global CIO

Mark Egan has been CIO of major technology companies that have undergone rapid growth and acquisition. For more than three years he has been CIO and vice president of information technology at VMware.
This podcast features an interview with Egan by CIO Editor Divina Paredes, which took place at VMWare’s annual conference, VMworld, in San Francisco last month.

Written by Divina Paredes16 Sept. 12 22:00

Shadow IT propels business case for Christchurch start-up

“If you think shadow IT is a problem now it is going to get worse with PaaS (platform as a service),” says Mark Cox, CEO of software company Appsecute in Christchurch.
Cox and CTO Tyler Power set up Appsecute last year to provide a management platform for PaaS solutions.

Written by Divina Paredes06 Sept. 12 22:00

Incoming CEO's 'Apple' goal for VMware

Two days before formally taking over his role as CEO of VMware, Pat Gelsinger says he already knows what he wants his legacy to be with the company.
“As you would look at Apple as the icon of innovation in consumer electronics, you will look at VMware as the icon of innovation in datacentre, in IT operations and infrastructure,” says Gelsinger.

Written by Divina Paredes29 Aug. 12 22:00

Wanted: Top to bottom transformation

It is imperative for businesses to deliver new experiences for end users and customers, says VMware CEO Paul Maritz.
Businesses are having to rethink the experiences that their users want to see, and people don't want to see the same things that were done before. "We have to free up time and energy and focus to go after these experiences," said Maritz in his keynote at VMworld, the company's annual user forum and technology showcase held this week in San Francisco.

Written by Divina Paredes28 Aug. 12 22:00

Vivek Kundra: Cloud computing is the 'past'

Former White House CIO Vivek Kundra says cloud computing is now the “past”, and urges enterprises, particularly government agencies, to prepare for the “post-cloud” future.
He likens the discussions on the cloud today to those which occurred in the mid-90s, when boardrooms and governments around the world were debating on whether to use email or customer self service and websites.

Written by Divina Paredes23 Aug. 12 22:00

Information security as enterprise differentiator

Phillip Whitmore of KPMG suggests another way of viewing information security – as a differentiator for the enterprise.
Security can reduce cost and create operational efficiencies, meet compliance and audit needs and enable new business opportunities, says Whitmore, director of security advisory services at the consulting firm.

Written by Divina Paredes23 Aug. 12 22:00

Inside the social network

Tim Campos may be CIO of Facebook — a company whose user numbers rival and even top the population of some countries — but he faces the same quandary as his colleagues across the globe, across industries and organisation size.
This is, “How do you handle the urgent, separate it from the needs that are important?”

Written by Divina Paredes15 Aug. 12 22:00

The CIO as a metaphor for change

The CIO role defies description — or is it simply just all encompassing?
At the recent CIO Summit, speaker upon speaker pointed to how the role has morphed to cover whatever the metaphor for change management is at the moment — think innovation from a few years back, to transformation and now the more current term — disruption.

Written by Divina Paredes15 Aug. 12 22:00