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IAG New Zealand has new CIO

IAG New Zealand has a new CIO, Kevin Angland, who was promoted from head of software solutions at the insurance company.
Allan Dornan, IAG CIO for five years, is moving to a new role in the company. In addition Dornan is also a director of Loyalty New Zealand, which operates the Fly Buys loyalty card programme.

Written by Divina Paredes02 Aug. 12 22:00

Second generation IT director

“Technology has been there through my life,” says Liz Coulter, director of IT services at the University of Auckland.
Her father Alan Coulter, was director of the Prentice Computer Centre and then executive advisor to the ITS director at the University of Queensland (UQ). The elder Coulter also started the AusCert computer emergency response team. “I grew up on Moore’s law.”

Written by Divina Paredes30 July 12 22:00

Making a difference

Sandra Pickering faced her audience and saw them slumped on their seats. She continued with her pitch -- how a career in information technology is rewarding and empowering. At the end of the presentation, the audience, 14 to 16 year old girls at Selwyn College, were "engaged", listening and learning forward.

Written by Divina Paredes19 July 12 15:13

Facebook's Tim Campos on the next generation CIO

Facebook CIO Tim Campos says the next generation CIO will deal with “a lot more information”, and expects the role to be a lot more data focused, and a “lot less operationally focused”.
He says there will be far more information captured and produced than has ever been possible in human history. “All that information is a gold mine of potential for companies to build products and services that are going to have a tremendous amount of value to the bottom line,” says Campos, who is in Auckland this week as a keynote speaker at the CIO Summit which starts today.

Written by Divina Paredes24 June 12 22:00

Data management a balancing act at Wanganui District Council

Jason Simons, information systems manager of the Wanganui District Council, says the IT needs of a small local council do not necessarily scale down.
He points out that the council “will be doing exactly the same activities as any large city, they will still need to support all business functions, but with far fewer resources.”

Written by Divina Paredes20 June 12 22:00

Preparing for the inevitable - the social enterprise

The move to become a social enterprise – where the concepts of social computing are embedded in the way the organisation operates – is inevitable, says John Brand, vice president at analyst firm Forrester.
Organisations are thinking about the social enterprise as part of the way they do business, not a marketing-only function, says Brand at the recent Cloudforce 2012 event in Sydney.

Written by Divina Paredes18 June 12 22:00

Chief revolutionary officer

We are definitely living in revolutionary — or shall I use the term du jour, disruptive — times when CIOs can use a rallying cry of Marxist leaders to thrive in today’s networked enterprises.
This thought occurred to me during a recent conversation with Ray Wang, principal analyst and CEO at Constellation Research, on how CIOs can prepare for rapid shifts in technology and business demands.

Written by Divina Paredes13 June 12 22:00

The new C 'I' O targets

There are four types of personas CIOs have to play today, says Ray Wang, principal analyst of Constellation Research.
“People see you as the chief infrastructure officer. What people also see is you are moving into chief integration officer,” says Wang. “But what CIOs traditionally have not done a good job with is really the other two – the chief intelligence officer and the chief innovation officer.”

Written by Divina Paredes10 June 12 22:00

When CFOs take to the cloud

CFO’s cheat sheet for getting started with cloud computing

Written by Divina Paredes04 June 12 22:00

Claire Govier resigns as Vodafone CIO

Vodafone New Zealand CIO Claire Govier has resigned after nearly two years at the telecommunications company.
She will leave Vodafone on June 15. David Moss, general manager service transformation, will be interim CIO from that date, she says.

Written by Divina Paredes04 June 12 22:00

The challenge of the post digital enterprise

How businesses operate with other businesses and respond to customers is critical for enterprise success today, says Zach Nelson, chief executive at NetSuite.
"It is a customer driven revolution," says Nelson, in his keynote speech at SuiteWorld 2012, the annual user conference of the cloud computing company.

Written by Divina Paredes16 May 12 22:00

The eternal start up

Three years ago, software company BMC formed an Incubation Team assigned to "worry about radical innovation" and "take away the risk" from the product teams.

Written by Divina Paredes08 May 12 06:39

On a merger mission

"Our business is not just four DHBs (district health boards) but effectively we are delivering to many individual hospital departments and primary and community care organisations, working together around the patient," says Johan Vendrig, general manager information systems, at healthAlliance.

Written by Divina Paredes01 May 12 10:03