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High-definition leadership

To the viewing public, broadcast free-to-air television is essentially about breaking news, reality TV, sitcoms, movies, sports and other forms of entertainment.
Damian Swaffield has quite a different perspective.

Written by Divina Paredes18 Aug. 09 22:00

Unlocking value in enterprise data

There are two ways to approach the time when the economy turns around from its current slowdown, says Jim Davis, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of SAS.
The first is to wait for the recession to end and then do business as usual. The second is to use this opportunity to retool the organisation and acknowledge the fact that “when we emerge from this current downturn, the world will be different. There is no going back to normal”.

Written by Divina Paredes12 Aug. 09 22:00

Smart networking tips

Your network is the amount of people you know. That is your personal brand; grow it regardless of the economic situation, advises former Merrill Lynch stockbroker turned strategic communications consultant Mark Jeffries.
At last week’s SAS Premier Business Leadership Series in Singapore, Jeffries shares what he calls the “three Rs of networking” – radar, reach and reward.

Written by Divina Paredes12 Aug. 09 22:00

Reality check for cloudy ambitions

IDC analyst Tim Dillon says enterprises should apply the “fitness for purpose” perspective when deploying cloud computing.
“You will hear a lot of organisations touting it as a panacea to all the problems the organisation faces. This is not true,” he told those attending a recent Auckland briefing on cloud computing organised by AT & T.

Written by Divina Paredes02 Aug. 09 22:00

CIOs must prepare for unprecedented change

The next four years will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for success or failure, says John Gantz, IDC vice president, in his keynote speech at the start of this year's CIO Summit in Auckland.

Written by Divina Paredes22 July 09 01:25

CIO of the year, ICT recruiter named

Julia Raue says ICT is recognised across the entire Air New Zealand as critical to the business, and this plays a crucial role in their successful projects in the online space and customer self service that are earning accolades across the globe.
“IT-enabled business transformation has ensured Air New Zealand remains competitive, that is something we are incredibly proud of ” says Raue, who received the award at this year’s CIO Summit organised by CIO, IDC and BrightStar.

Written by Divina Paredes21 July 09 22:00

MIS100 2009: Leading change in a fragile economy

Few organisations can remain unscathed in this difficult economy. Thus, we wanted to find out how the economic slowdown is impacting the organisations in this year’s MIS100.
We asked the CIOs of the country’s top ICT using operations how the economic slowdown has affected three areas — their ICT budgets, projects and staffing levels (see graph A below).

Written by Divina Paredes15 July 09 22:00

Confessions of a non-techie boss

Trelise Cooper recalls the time when her fashion business had 20 staff and only one PC.
Today, says Cooper, whose clothes are worn by celebrities across the globe, “IT is used in every part of the business”.

Written by Divina Paredes09 July 09 22:00

CIOs thrive on extreme obstacle course

They crossed swamps, climbed a rope, crawled under barb wire and tackled natural and man-made obstacles over a distance of 12 kilometres.
However, Pat O’ Connell and Jonathan Iles, CIOs, respectively, of Rank Group and its subsidiary Carter Holt Harvey, are undeterred.

Written by Divina Paredes05 July 09 22:00

Doctor in the house

Ron Hooton left the New Zealand Defence Force in 2005 after four years as its first chief information officer and moved to a much different sector, and another role — as CEO of ProCare Health.
From leading a 200-plus IT department, Hooton now heads an organisation with around 500 general practitioners (GPs) and nearly 400 nurses across 173 practice teams, taking care of more than 660,000 patients.

Written by Divina Paredes24 June 09 22:00

Object lessons

They say if you can remember the ‘60s, you weren’t really there.
Mary Ann Maxwell was there and has recollections of those years. “I spent too much time in San Francisco,” she says, with a laugh. With flowers in her hair? “Exactly”.

Written by Divina Paredes19 April 09 22:00

Agile path to the top

"Stay away from IT." This may seem somewhat unusual advice from Mark Baker, who was a CIO, then general manager and programme director at Foodstuffs Auckland.
His admonition, however, is around the context of how a CIO can ease the transition to heading a line of business.

Written by Divina Paredes13 April 09 22:00

Reduced risk exposure with multiple outsourcing

Working with multiple partners is a reality for a number of networked enterprises, but this also exposes them to some risks.
“If you don’t work together [with] who is doing what, then you can either have the gap or the double up,” says Terry Shubkin, head of operations, Unisys New Zealand. “Something goes wrong and everyone says and points their fingers in a different direction and say, ‘but it was their [the other party’s or parties’] responsibility to do that’.

Written by Divina Paredes10 April 09 22:00

Innovation amid disruption and change

Enterprises still underestimate the impact of social networks and social media, says Laef Olson, CIO of RightNow Technologies.
“Sure, we use LinkedIn and Facebook and maybe even dabble in Twitter, but those of us who are digital immigrants have only begun to recognise how this new ‘connectedness’ has transformed the culture, particularly for digital natives,” says Olson, when asked on his view on the technology that would make the most profound impact on the enterprise.

Written by Divina Paredes08 April 09 22:00

The right stuff 03032009

“The data for my reports was on hand, but there was no automated way to generate the output I needed.”
David Hurst was in just this situation while working on a complex enterprise architecture project at a large multinational company in the US.

Written by Divina Paredes02 March 09 22:00