Stories by Jeff Snyder

Wanted: A converged CSO

When companies decide to combine logical and physical security, one of the first challenges they face is finding a leader who has been exposed to both information security and physical security. Someone has to be put in place to create change. Who is this person? What is his skill set? Where can she be found? Does he or she actually exist?
I speak with both information security and physical security professionals every day, and when the conversation turns to who is best equipped to lead a converged security operation, I hear many opposing opinions. Usually, the opinion of the person to whom I'm speaking has a lot to do with his or her experience. Whose point of view is correct? I don't know for sure, but I can tell you about the conclusions reached by three companies that have recently contacted me for assistance in their search for a converged security leader. No opinions to share here, just facts.

Written by Jeff Snyder29 April 08 22:00