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Where the wild things are

"The Internet has finally taken on the characteristics of the Wild West where no one is to be trusted," said Sukhdev Singh, senior security consultant and regional X-Force expert, IBM Internet security systems, IBM ASEAN.
He was referring to the results of the tech giant's X-Force 2009 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report. The report found that there has been a 508 per cent increase in the number of new malicious Web links discovered in the first half of this year. This problem is no longer limited to malicious domains or untrusted websites. The report notes an increase in malicious content on trusted sites, including popular search engines, blogs, bulletin boards, personal websites, online magazines and mainstream news sites.

Written by Subatra Suppiah15 Sept. 09 22:00

Organisations to spend more on IT security

Cost-cutting and restructuring seem to be the norm given the current financial crisis but despite this, organisations are making investments to strengthen IT security.
This is according to a global survey sponsored by IT management software company CA. Forty-two per cent of organisations expect an increase in budgets for IT security, while 50 per cent project that budgets will stay flat. Only eight per cent anticipate a cut in their IT security budgets.

Written by Subatra Suppiah02 May 09 22:00

Asia Pacific Gen Y willing to make job sacrifices

A new international workplace survey shows that younger workers, or generation Y aged 18 to 29, in the Asia-Pacific are more willing to make job sacrifices.
These include accepting a lower wage or a lesser role if their work contributes to something 'more important or meaningful', reports Kelly Services.

Written by Subatra Suppiah01 March 09 22:00

564 million 3G subscribers in Asia Pacific by 2013

The Asia-Pacific's 3G subscriber base is expected to top 564 million by 2013, according to analyst firm Frost & Sullivan.
This accounts for about 18.2 percent of all mobile users.

Written by Subatra Suppiah25 Jan. 09 22:00

Sun unveils new storage appliances

In what it describes as "the biggest thing to happen to storage in decades", Sun Microsystems has unveiled its Sun Storage 7000 family.

Written by Subatra Suppiah06 Dec. 08 10:19

Size and diversity help IBM in tight economic times

IBM is a good example that size and diversity are clear advantages in the current economic climate, according to consultancy Ovum.
Diversity in geographic, industry and product or service revenues have brought stability to the IT vendor, said David Mitchell, senior vice president of IT research at Ovum.

Written by Subatra Suppiah23 Oct. 08 22:00

Facing the next generation of consumers

A new wave of consumers from the millennial generation - consumers born between 1982 and 2001 - is causing a stir among companies. Most enterprises are struggling with how to adapt their businesses to serve these younger customers, according to a new global survey.
The survey was done by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Genesys, an Alcatel-Lucent company. EIU is the business-to-business arm of The Economist Group, which publishes The Economist newspaper.

Written by Subatra Suppiah06 Oct. 08 22:00

Business change is biggest CIO challenge

The greatest challenge enterprise CIOs today face is change in their business environment.
This is according to Rich Marcello, president, Unisys Systems and Technology. Change could come in the form of a sudden spike in customer requests hitting the systems or a stumble by a competitor that opens a whole new market opportunity.

Written by Subatra Suppiah28 Sept. 08 22:00