Stories by Andrew Rowsell-Jones

​The art of the one-page strategy

Strategy can be an art or a science. Most CIOs experience more personal and organisational success when they demonstrate how IT contributes to business success using an artful approach to strategy development.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones12 Oct. 15 06:30

Staying relevant through digital disruption: Gartner

The greatest challenge faced by enterprises dealing with digitalisation is the question of how they will stay relevant in response to big change and industry disruption.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones03 Sept. 15 10:40

Navigate the politics

Effective CIO participation in corporate planning is critical for business and IT success. However, engaging in corporate planning can be a bumpy road for CIOs due to conflicting time lines, power politics, unforeseen shocks and shifting priorities in business units and the corporate office.
Fortunately, it's possible to follow the taillights of some CIOs who have successfully navigated the potholes and washed-out bridges. Their starting point in the planning process was figuring out their enterprise context.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones31 Aug. 08 22:00

Getting The Right IT

Executive expectations for IT have evolved from delivering technology services to contributing to strategic differentiation and growth of the business. CEOs are increasingly asking their CIOs: Do I have the right IT? And how do I know? To answer these questions, CIOs must connect their IT capabilities with the unique perspectives of their business models for delivering value.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones13 May 08 08:30

Seven levers of growth

Traditionally, IS organizations are focussed on providing efficient services that run their businesses. This is no longer sufficient. CIOs must engage on top-line growth.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones18 Dec. 07 20:11

Real-world agility

Formula one racing is the pinnacle of motor sports. The courses are demanding and the F1 cars are fast and maneuverable.
CEOs often claim their enterprises are like F1 cars. The truth is many have built cars, or even old school buses, for the main straight only. Try changing direction too fast and the enterprise will crash and burn at the first corner.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones30 Sept. 05 22:00