Stories by Agam Shah

3D webcams will help PCs read human emotions, Intel says

Intel wants to bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds with the help of 3D webcams, which the company hopes will replace the mundane 2D cameras in laptops and tablets by the second half of this year.

Written by Agam Shah06 Jan. 14 23:21

New chips equipped for 4K video streaming

Makers of cable boxes and video streaming devices will soon have the option of delivering 4K video with STMicroelectronics' new chips, which will decode the emerging HEVC video codec and support the HDMI 2.0 video delivery specification.

Written by Agam Shah06 Jan. 14 17:07

HP sees future of laptops in Pro X2 410 hybrid

Hewlett-Packard believes the future of laptops lies in the form of "converged" devices like the Pro X2 410 hybrid, which is a tablet bundled with a detachable keyboard.

Written by Agam Shah06 Jan. 14 05:03

Lenovo brings Android to 4K monitor, all-in-one PC

Lenovo is going beyond smartphones and tablets with Android, putting the operating system in a unique 28-inch 4K smart monitor and a new 19.5-inch all-in-one PC.

Written by Agam Shah06 Jan. 14 00:11

Google's 4K video format to hit TVs, mobile devices, PCs

Google is working with hardware makers so TVs, smartphones and PCs can play 4K content from YouTube and other streaming services while consuming almost half the bandwidth required by high-definition videos today.

Written by Agam Shah02 Jan. 14 18:37