Stories by Agam Shah

Core wars redux: Intel to ship 15-core chip

The core wars between x86 chip makers hit a lull a couple of years ago as processors were deemed to deliver enough performance, but Intel's plans to release a 15-core processor could change that.

Written by Agam Shah05 Dec. 13 20:52

Laptop, tablet prices to reach lows during year-end holiday season

Prices of some laptops and tablets have already fallen, with others expected to drop starting with Black Friday year-end holiday sales in the U.S. this week. Some Chromebook laptops will be available for US$199 and some Windows 8 laptops could come down to $250. The price of Windows 8 tablets and hybrids could fall to under $250, while Android tablets could be available for under $100.

Written by Agam Shah27 Nov. 13 18:16

Apple's new Mac Pro signals commitment to professional computing

Apple is sending a signal that it hasn't abandoned the professional computing market with the latest Mac Pro, which will ship next month. But the workstation faces competition from its own sibling iMac as computer buyers weigh purchases.

Written by Agam Shah26 Nov. 13 22:15

How Lenovo plans to crack the server market

Known for its ThinkPad laptops, Lenovo is trying to find its way into the data center, despite the dominance of the Big 3: IBM, HP and Dell

Written by Agam Shah26 Nov. 13 14:28

HP to ship $89 Android tablet with Intel chip

Retailer Walmart will sell on Black Friday an US$89 Hewlett-Packard Android tablet, one of many tablets available at massive discounts this holiday season in the U.S.

Written by Agam Shah25 Nov. 13 09:22