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Intel delays Broadwell chips for PCs and hybrids

Intel has delayed production of its "Broadwell" processors due to a manufacturing glitch, something analysts say could postpone the launch of PCs and tablets based on the new chip.

Written by Agam Shah15 Oct. 13 23:52

Intel's Q3 earnings, revenue flat

A slumping PC business affected Intel's business during the third quarter, but the company believes brighter days are ahead with its new Core and Atom chips.

Written by Agam Shah16 Oct. 13 08:50

Bay Trail tablets with Windows 8.1 will hit stores next week

With the release of Windows 8.1 next week will come new tablets with Intel's latest Atom chip code-named Bay Trail. The tablets, with starting prices from US$299 to $350, include Dell's Venue 8 Pro, Toshiba's Encore and Asustek's Transformer Book T100. More models will ship in the coming months.

Written by Agam Shah11 Oct. 13 18:48

IBM's Power7+ remains alive with new integrated servers

IBM's decision to license its future Power8 processor to third parties doesn't mean life has ended for the current Power 7+, which will go alongside x86 chips into new PureFlex System preconfigured servers announced on Wednesday.

Written by Agam Shah09 Oct. 13 04:06

Intel chases Internet of things with new chips, software

Intel, whose chips have long gone into PCs, servers and mobile devices, has begun chasing the market for the so-called "Internet of things" with new low-power chips and software for connected devices and data-gathering instruments.

Written by Agam Shah09 Oct. 13 08:40

Qualcomm backtracks from Apple A7 marketing gimmick comments

Qualcomm has backtracked from an earlier statement in which a company executive said Apple's A7 64-bit chip in the iPhone 5s is a marketing gimmick, and that the technical advance had limited benefits in mobile devices.

Written by Agam Shah09 Oct. 13 08:44