Stories by Agam Shah

Intel trumpets power, versatility of new flagship Xeon server chips

Intel hopes to pump more computing horsepower into servers with new Xeon chips based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture, which will also have the ability to dynamically adapt to cloud, database or supercomputing workloads.

Written by Agam Shah10 Sept. 13 20:04

Intel CEO gives peek into laptop future with Broadwell chip

Intel provided a glimpse into the PC future by showing off a laptop based on the Broadwell architecture that is faster and more battery-friendly than current ones based on Haswell processors.

Written by Agam Shah10 Sept. 13 19:04

New 'Haswell' Chromebooks expected this week at IDF

New Chromebooks running Intel's latest Haswell processors are expected to be announced at the Intel Developer Forum this week, according to a source familiar with the plans.

Written by Agam Shah09 Sept. 13 22:06

Icahn withdrawal clears Dell buyout path

After a long battle, Carl Icahn and associates admitted they were fighting a losing battle and have stepped away from their attempt to buy Dell.

Written by Agam Shah09 Sept. 13 17:39

Intel ships Haswell processors for tablets

After promising to bring power-efficient Haswell processors to tablets, Intel has now started shipping new low-power, fourth-generation Core i3 processors, including one that draws as little as 4.5 watts of power in specific usage scenarios.

Written by Agam Shah09 Sept. 13 16:19

From calculators to tablets, Intel to emphasize mobile era

Intel's dominance of the chip market is starting to wane as PC shipments slump and smartphone and tablet adoption grows, but the manufacturer will try to prove it can make fast and power-efficient processors for mobile devices at its annual developer gathering next week.

Written by Agam Shah06 Sept. 13 16:46

Chip makers seize opportunities in hot wearable-computer market

Chip makers are responding to the hot wearable-computer trend with new processor designs as they also seize the opportunity to breathe life into existing chip technologies that previously failed to catch hold.

Written by Agam Shah05 Sept. 13 17:57

Asus announces new Fonepad and Memo Pad tablets

Asustek has announced new tablets with different screen sizes, adding new 6-inch and 7-inch models to its Fonepad lineup and also two new 8- and 10-inch Memo Pad tablets.

Written by Agam Shah04 Sept. 13 17:58