Stories by Agam Shah

Xbox One to ship on November 22

Microsoft's Xbox One will become available on November 22 and the company has made the game console faster by cranking up the clock speeds of the CPU and graphics processor.

Written by Agam Shah04 Sept. 13 15:21

IBM's Power8 opens up to component makers

IBM hopes to spawn third-party Power servers by opening up its 12-core Power8 chip design to licensees, and now the company has to convince component makers to make parts for the servers.

Written by Agam Shah29 Aug. 13 15:34

Intel to ship new Atom server processors next week

Intel is expected to announce availability next week of a low-power Atom server chip code-named Avoton, which is likely to appear soon in systems such as Hewlett-Packard's Moonshot.

Written by Agam Shah27 Aug. 13 23:33

Lapsing of Moore's Law opens up opportunity in chip design

As the trend famously codified by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore -- that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every two years -- seems to be flagging, one top engineer suggests that it is time to rethink chip design to buy performance increases.

Written by Agam Shah27 Aug. 13 18:47

Xbox One will have a high-performance custom chip

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One gaming console will contain a custom chip the company designed in conjunction with Advanced Micro Devices with the aim of delivering maximum graphics performance, presenters said Monday at Microsoft's Hot Chips conference.

Written by Agam Shah26 Aug. 13 18:54

Dell reshapes Latitude laptops, prices start at $599

Dell is giving a new identity to its Latitude laptops with the introduction of thinner and lighter models priced starting at US$599 and running on Intel's Haswell processors.

Written by Agam Shah26 Aug. 13 15:05