Stories by Agam Shah

Intel bringing vision, 3D to laptop and tablet cameras

From mundane 2D devices, integrated cameras in laptops and tablets in the future will change into powerful 3D tools that can sense movement, track emotion, and even monitor reading habits of children, according to Intel.

Written by Agam Shah26 Aug. 13 04:08

Intel expands custom processor business

Intel is putting a sharp focus on expanding its custom processor and chip operations in response to a growing trend of companies building servers in-house to meet specific workloads or data center designs.

Written by Agam Shah26 Aug. 13 03:57

BDTI aims to stabilize mobile performance and battery measures

The performance and battery life of smartphones and tablets may not match the numbers provided by device makers, but development is under way on a tool that could bring consistency to the measurement of those metrics.

Written by Agam Shah21 Aug. 13 20:17

HP joins Nvidia's Grid alliance

Hewlett-Packard has joined Nvidia's growing Grid alliance, equipping a Gen8 Proliant blade server with graphics boards that can speed up and lower the cost of virtual desktop deployments.

Written by Agam Shah19 Aug. 13 18:03

Dell drops $299 Windows RT tablet, cheapest offer now $479

Shoppers who tried to buy a Windows RT tablet at Dell's website Friday morning would have seen one listed for US$299. By the end of the day the cheapest tablet came bundled with a keyboard for $479.

Written by Agam Shah17 Aug. 13 00:52

Windows 8 comes to open-source PCs with GizmoSphere board

The market for x86 open-source PCs is now a two-horse race, with GizmoSphere releasing schematics and design documents for hobbyists to build from scratch a Windows 8 computer based on open design.

Written by Agam Shah15 Aug. 13 16:43

Intel proposes new standard to light up data transfers

Intel is looking to use light and lasers to shuffle data faster among servers, and is proposing a new optical interconnect, MXC, that could change the way servers are implemented in data centers.

Written by Agam Shah14 Aug. 13 19:07

Samsung ships curved OLED TV in US for about $9,000

Samsung Electronics America has started shipping its first curved OLED TV, pricing it at US$8,999.99 and making it available through specialty retailers in the U.S.

Written by Agam Shah13 Aug. 13 17:47

Intel revives OLPC rivalry with new Android tablet design

Intel's 10-inch and 7-inch Android tablet designs are now available to manufacturers, and the resulting products could rekindle a long rivalry in the education market with One Laptop Per Child, whose first Android tablet became available in July.

Written by Agam Shah13 Aug. 13 16:52

Lenovo's Reach Cloud service aims to replace local apps

After a closed beta for a few months, Lenovo has opened for public preview its Reach consumer Cloud service, which is a "Cloud desktop" service through which applications can be launched without downloading and installing them locally on mobile devices and PCs.

Written by Agam Shah12 Aug. 13 21:27