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High PC prices hindering industry recovery, analysts say

Samsung has launched an ATIV Book 9 Plus laptop with Intel's latest Haswell chip that will be available for $US1400, but analysts said such sustained high prices for laptops and ultrabooks could hinder the recovery of the PC market.

Written by Agam Shah09 Aug. 13 20:02

Top open-source PCs

Single board or "open-source" PCs have become a hot market, with the Raspberry Pi selling in the millions and competitors getting in on the act, including Intel's recently announced MinnowBoard. These PCs have open designs that can be replicated by other hardware companies, are inexpensive to manufacture as components get smaller and can run Android, Ubuntu and other flavors of Linux.

Written by Agam Shah08 Aug. 13 21:06

Ultrabooks give SSD shipments a boost

Shipments of solid-state drives (SSDs) rocketed in this year's first quarter and the technology is now becoming the storage of choice in thin and light laptops.

Written by Agam Shah07 Aug. 13 17:06

IBM opens up Power design, partners with Google

IBM will license designs of the Power microprocessor architecture to other companies including Google, in an effort to expand use of the architecture and reverse declines in its systems hardware business.

Written by Agam Shah06 Aug. 13 20:17

Smartphone chips to power prototype supercomputer

Smartphone and tablet chips are now making their way into high-performance computers, providing an energy-efficient alternative to the power-hungry server chips used in the world's fastest supercomputers.

Written by Agam Shah12 June 13 18:20

Microsoft's measured gamble

Microsoft's Surface tablet is a measured gamble to enter the cutthroat tablet business, but the company could be alienating longtime hardware partners that are also expected to announce Windows 8 devices starting later this year.

Written by Agam Shah19 June 12 22:00

Making iPads Enterprise Ready

Apple has unwittingly become an enterprise player, says Edward ­Marczak, author and executive editor of MacTech magazine. The company is leading the trend toward IT consumerization as users become attached to their iPads and iPhones and IT administrators try to <a href="">incorporate the devices</a> into existing corporate technology infrastructures.

Written by Agam Shah13 Oct. 11 05:10

Gartner drops 2011 PC forecast with shift to tablets

Gartner on Thursday sharply dropped its worldwide PC shipment growth forecast for this year and next, citing economic struggles and a market shift from PCs to devices like tablets.

Written by Agam Shah09 Sept. 11 01:01

What's next for Apple?

Apple for years rallied around its charismatic co-founder, Steve Jobs, so it's only natural now to question whether the company can retain its market dominance and magic with a new leader.

Written by Agam Shah26 Aug. 11 02:43

HP allays fears around PC business uncertainty

Business continues as usual for Hewlett-Packard's PC unit, which will continue to support and sell products as the company explores options to spin off or sell the Personal Systems Group, HP said on Monday.

Written by Agam Shah23 Aug. 11 02:44

IDC raises tablet shipment forecast for the year

IDC raised its tablet shipment forecast for the year due to growing consumer interest in tablets and the introduction of new devices, the research firm said on Friday.

Written by Agam Shah09 July 11 02:00

Tablets will hurt PC shipments next year

Gartner has lowered its PC shipment forecast for 2011 because of weak demand, spurred in part by users opting for other devices such as tablets and smartphones.
The market research firm now projects worldwide PC shipments of 409 million units next year, a 15.9 percent increase compared to estimated PC shipments this year, which Gartner also revised. Gartner had earlier projected 18.1 percent growth for 2011. Gartner lowered its projection for worldwide PC shipments this year to 352.4 million units, a 14.3 percent increase from last year. Gartner previously projected shipments to grow by 17.9 percent.

Written by Agam Shah28 Nov. 10 22:00