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Enterprise risk management: Get started in six steps

Let's say your organization doesn't have a formal enterprise risk management program. If you're at a big company, ERM might seem daunting because of silos, inertia and so on.

Written by Derek Slater09 Sept. 10 13:12

Why security pros should master Google

One of the reasons security is fun and interesting is that it requires a constant upgrade of your skills and knowledge.
Here is a skill that you may not have realised you need, but you need it: Become a master of internet search.

Written by Derek Slater05 July 09 22:00

Bruce Schneier: More on the Broad View of Security

Bruce Schneier's evolution of interests is well documented, <a href="">moving from encryption to broader and broader perspectives on security</a>. (Hence his recent appearance on 60 Minutes, commenting on TSA's airport screening procedures.) To bring wider perspectives to bear on security issues, Schneier (Chief Security Technology Officer at BT) held in 2008 the first Workshop in Security and Human Behavior, with participants from a broad swath of disciplines including economics, psychology and more.

Written by Derek Slater06 Jan. 09 06:51

Employee Safety in Global Hotspots

What risks do employees face in a sour global economy? What countries pose a growing threat of kidnapping for ransom? Is Columbia safer than Mexico? Insights from a former FBI hostage negotiator.

Written by Derek Slater27 Nov. 08 11:53

Patrick Lencioni on Leadership

Consultant and author Patrick Lencioni first spoke with CSO in our early days, <a href="">answering leadership questions from John Hartmann</a>, then CSO of Cardinal Health. Leadership lessons are often evergreen - but which principles would he emphasize for 2009, with the US economy in chaos?

Written by Derek Slater14 Nov. 08 06:21

Get in touch with your inner CFO

For the CIO, chief financial officers have historically been adversaries at worst, obstacles at best. Again, we leap to the rescue with advice on how to work well with CFOs. But this time the wisdom comes not from one side or the other, but from people who have simultaneously occupied both roles and seen the conflicts and solutions through one pair of eyes. David Goltz and Vincent Laino both fill a dual CIO/CFO role at their respective companies &#8212; Bethesda, Maryland-based Destiny Health insurance company (where Goltz was interim CIO through June 2002) and West Chester, Pennsylvania-based environmental consulting service Roy F Weston. Here they offer CIO readers their unique perspective.

Written by Derek Slater06 Oct. 02 21:00