Stories by Cath Everett

The talent manager redux

A few years ago, employee relationship management (ERM) applications were touted as the next big thing.
The whole area was pushed as the last great corporate bastion in need of automation and was seen as a logical extension to enterprise resource planning, customer, supplier and even partnership relationship management. But since then all the hype seems to have gone very quiet.

Written by Cath Everett29 Nov. 04 22:00

How to avoid hiring a joker

IT-related security incidents cost UK business millions of pounds each year, and finding ways to tackle the issue is consistently high on the average chief executive officer’s agenda.
However, while organisations busily put in firewalls and anti-virus software in a bid to mitigate external threats, many are leaving themselves wide open to danger internally, by failing to vet IT staff rigorously enough – despite the fact these same staff often have access to sensitive company equipment and data.

Written by Cath Everett30 Oct. 03 22:00