Stories by Jon Gold

Androids continue to gain in the enterprise

Use of Android smartphones in the enterprise realm is on the rise, largely at the expense of the iPhone, according to a report issued this week by Good Technology.

Written by Jon Gold14 Aug. 14 03:11

F5 CEO sees opportunity in myriad challenges facing IT

F5 Networks CEO John McAdam said Tuesday at his company's Agility conference in New York that, in essence, the future of IT is complicated, confusing and riddled with security threats - and that's a good thing.

Written by Jon Gold06 Aug. 14 07:00

Google is killing off Orkut

Orkut, one of Google's first forays into social networking, will be closed down by the search company at the end of September.

Written by Jon Gold01 July 14 04:06

In Pictures: Firefox 29

Mozilla brings its A-game to the latest version of Firefox browser.

Written by Jon Gold30 April 14 08:10

Why Google Apps is winning IT hearts and minds

For decades, basic office software didn't pose any major questions for IT departments - you bought Microsoft Office, and then worked on keeping it up-to-date, because there simply wasn't much else available that made sense for the enterprise. By the mid-1990s, Microsoft had ruthlessly dispatched competitors like Novell and was essentially unchallenged in the enterprise software market.

Written by Jon Gold19 March 14 20:15