Stories by Jon Gold

In Pictures: Firefox 29

Mozilla brings its A-game to the latest version of Firefox browser.

Written by Jon Gold30 April 14 08:10

Why Google Apps is winning IT hearts and minds

For decades, basic office software didn't pose any major questions for IT departments - you bought Microsoft Office, and then worked on keeping it up-to-date, because there simply wasn't much else available that made sense for the enterprise. By the mid-1990s, Microsoft had ruthlessly dispatched competitors like Novell and was essentially unchallenged in the enterprise software market.

Written by Jon Gold19 March 14 20:15

These key phrases will help your Kickstarter get funded

Words are powerful, particularly on the Internet, and a pair of researchers from Georgia Tech say that they've identified the ones that can either push a Kickstarter campaign over the top or doom it to unsuccessful obscurity.

Written by Jon Gold15 Jan. 14 19:12

CES diary: Scenes from the show floor

CES, as you may have read in this very publication, is big. Like, really, really big. The Las Vegas Convention Center has 3.2 million square feet of floor space, of which CES this year used about two thirds, and it's easy to get genuinely lost in the vastness of the main halls.

Written by Jon Gold08 Jan. 14 15:18

CES 2014: Big hype for wearables, but revolution yet to come

Wearable technology is everywhere at this year's CES – as a quick perusal of early coverage reveals. It's tough to turn around on the show floor without seeing smart clothing, smart watches, and Google Glass wannabes.

Written by Jon Gold07 Jan. 14 22:54