Stories by Jon Gold

In Pictures: The Moto X

Motorola goes a different way with it's new flagship offering.

Written by Jon Gold06 Aug. 13 08:54

In Pictures: Google’s new Nexus 7

Google’s update to last year’s well-received Nexus 7 a step forward, though asking price slightly higher.

Written by Jon Gold26 July 13 08:21

In Pictures: First Look. Google Chrome 28

A new rich notification feature, a different kind of WebKit and a raft of security fixes made it into the latest stable version of Google's Chrome browser.

Written by Jon Gold11 July 13 07:58

iPhone 5: How does it stack up?

When the iPhone was first released in 2007, there really wasn't anything like it on the market, with the greatest respect to BlackBerry. Apple's iconic smartphone quickly carved out its own niche, and woe betide the OEM that tried to compete directly.

Written by Jon Gold12 Sept. 12 19:44