Stories by Mary K. Pratt

At JPL, IT ‘dares mighty things’

Best Places to Work in IT 2019: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s tech workers are given tools to ‘solve difficult problems that no one else has solved.’

Written by Mary K. Pratt17 June 19 20:00

6 expert budgeting tips for IT leaders

IT budgets must not only reflect short-term strategic plans but also drive innovation. Here’s how to ensure you’re delivering tactical IT and services that produce true digital transformation.

Written by Mary K. Pratt12 March 18 21:00

The keys to modernizing legacy IT systems

Legacy technology can hinder your ability to meet changing market dynamics. Here’s how to prioritize and execute IT modernization efforts that drive business value.

Written by Mary K. Pratt17 Jan. 18 22:00

Why IT projects still fail

Despite new methodologies and management techniques meant to head off spectacular failures, critical technical initiatives still fall flat at an alarming rate. Here’s how IT can learn from its mistakes.

Written by Mary K. Pratt01 Aug. 17 20:00

CIO is pushing the right buttons

The award-winning CIO at Schindler Group is using digital tools -- sensors, analytics, mobile -- to take the No. 2 elevator company to the top.

Written by Mary K. Pratt30 Oct. 15 16:30

CIOs Should Focus on Their Workplace Legacies

Business coach and psychologist Andrew Thorn wants leaders -- both people in positions of authority and those who influence in their everyday roles -- to think beyond business results to focus on the legacy they create. Thorn lays out his ideas in his new book, Leading With Your Legacy in Mind: Building Lasting Value in Business and Life.

Written by Mary K. Pratt30 Oct. 14 00:23

5 Things CIOs Should Know About Digital Signage

Here are five things you need to know about digital signs, which will soon feature bandwidth-hogging video files that need to be linked to back-end systems and consumer smartphones.

Written by Mary K. Pratt28 Aug. 14 04:15

Rebuilt Mobile Apps Help SeaWorld Make a Splash

After three years of poring over how customers used its first mobile app, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment recently rolled out a new set of apps designed to engage park visitors with a more personalized, interactive experience.

Written by Mary K. Pratt12 Aug. 14 05:42

Whirlpool CIO moves 69,000 global employees to Google Apps

Whirlpool CIO Mike Heim is taking IT, and all the other business units, in a new direction. Heim is moving the company, with its 69,000 global employees, to He says the move could transform how Whirlpool employees get work done by increasing real-time collaboration. Indeed, he sees the potential for IT-driven transformation in other areas, too. Here Heim, who joined Whirlpool in May 2012 after 33 years at pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, shares his ideas on leading IT through change.

Written by Mary K. Pratt05 May 14 23:46