Stories by Liz Herbert

How to get strategic about SaaS

Over the first half of 2010, Forrester's IT clients asked more than 350 questions about Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS). Buyers are no longer just asking "What is SaaS?" "Who offers SaaS?" and "Is SaaS secure?" Rather, we're hearing more sophisticated questions about how to incorporate SaaS into the overall application footprint, best practices for implementing SaaS, how to build governance and due diligence around purchases, and where to invest in organisation skill sets as firms make greater use of the service.
A deeper look into these inquiries shows that firms are approaching SaaS more strategically and in a more centralised way compared to prior years. In fact, 37 percent of questions centreed on actively embracing SaaS. This means the siloed, business-led SaaS deployments of the 2000s are yielding to greater due diligence, planning, and integration with existing sourcing and IT processes.

Written by Liz Herbert23 Nov. 10 22:00