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What is big data? Everything you need to know

Analyzing lots of data is only part pf what makes big data different from previous data analytics. Learn what the other three aspects are

Written by InfoWorld staff06 Sept. 17 20:00

Product Review: 10 hot handhelds for the road warrior

Handhelds have come a long way from desktop synchronization with contacts, calendar, and task lists. An emerging class of business-oriented smart phones and PDAs -- typically running the BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, or Windows Mobile 2003 operating system -- offer an amazing wealth of data capabilities, with browsing the Web and editing Word and Excel documents just the start. Throw in a new generation of mobile middleware, from vendors such as Good Technology, Intellisync, and Research In Motion, and they not only can link to familiar Lotus Domino/Notes and Microsoft Exchange servers, but can even take advantage of wireless extensions to back-end applications and services.

Written by InfoWorld staff05 March 05 22:00

Knowledge management: Technical trends bode well for KM

A dozen years ago, former Lotus Development Corp. CEO Jim Manzi used to make extravagant claims for the ROI of Lotus Notes. It might as well be infinite, he would enthuse, because there was no way to quantify the productivity gains flowing from better use of the assets lodged between people's ears.
Bzzzt. Try again. That ROI might just as easily have been miniscule or even negative -- and how would you know? Although numbers are hard to come by, we can we see in hindsight that results were all over the map. Some companies really did use Notes to support a vibrant collaborative culture, enriched with shared databases and discussions. Many used it as little more than an e-mail system.

Written by InfoWorld staff04 May 03 22:00

E-learning hits Web services books

As e-learning platforms and content evolve toward open standards, the capability to surface learning seamlessly within the context of enterprise applications and business processes is almost within reach.

Written by InfoWorld staff18 Feb. 03 07:56