Stories by Jane Howze

Running a 'blue collar' IT department

Joe Beery has big plans for 2008, having spent the past 25 months integrating US Airways and America West Airlines as the combined company's senior vice president and CIO. (The two carriers announced merger plans in 2005.) With the integration in his rearview mirror, Beery is now ready to implement new systems, modernize old systems and work on customer service initiatives.
"It's a very exciting year for us," he says. "We're growing. Our IT group has more than doubled in size, and we still have a major push to do a lot of hiring right now."

Written by Jane Howze08 Jan. 08 22:00

The master plan

Katherine (Kathy) Tamer likes to have a master staffing plan to assist her with hiring decisions. As vice president and CIO of NASA contractor United Space Alliance (USA), Tamer leads a 400-person IT organisation, so it's no wonder she needs a master plan to guide all that staffing. Her master plan identifies all the technical and professional skills her IT organisation collectively needs to carry out its mission, which is to provide IT support for space shuttle operations.
In this Q&A, she shares her hiring strategy and process, and she discusses the effort she and her staff put into developing a workforce of the future.

Written by Jane Howze20 Sept. 07 22:00