Stories by Brad Reed

Apple will keep ruling the tablet market, says Gartner

Anyone hoping for a scrappy underdog to knock the <a href="">iPad</a> off its perch as the world's top tablet will have to wait a long time, says analyst firm Gartner.

Written by Brad Reed23 Sept. 11 03:45

Office work is so last century

The days of IT workers going to the same office for work every day are apparently over, according to a new survey from Forrester Research.

Written by Brad Reed22 Sept. 11 22:00

What the iPhone can — and can't — provide enterprise users

Many CIOs and IT executives may be curious to see how the popular consumer devices can boost productivity within the workplace. But before making any investments, CIOs should have a clear understanding of just what the iPhone can and can't provide for enterprise users.

Written by Brad Reed28 Jan. 08 22:00