Stories by Mike Heck

Product Guide: Web conferencing evolves

World and economic conditions combined with technological advancements continue to alter the business-travel landscape.
According to a recent survey by the Travel Industry Association of America, nearly three-quarters of business air travelers interviewed believe that conducting meetings with colleagues or customers via Webcasting and related tools is somewhat or much more efficient than traveling somewhere to meet face-to-face. Only 37 percent of those surveyed, however, consider use of such technology more effective than in-person meetings as a way to meet business goals.

Written by Mike Heck09 May 05 22:00

Product Guide: Chart your Web site's success

In the late 1990s, Web analytics packages did a respectable job crunching server logs and uncovering broad Web site trends such as page views or user clickstream behavior. Today the focus has shifted to business reporting -- pinpointing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, measuring ROI, and analyzing processes -- and to delivering those facts to content owners in a clear manner so that the appropriate corrective measures can be put into motion.

Written by Mike Heck20 Feb. 05 22:00