Stories by Daniel Dern

The men and women who saw tomorrow

Science fiction isn't (as a rule) about predicting the future, and science fiction writers aren't trying to predict it.
"No sensible science-fiction writer tries to predict anything," says Frederick Pohl, whose work includes the classic The Space Merchants (written with Cyril M. Kornbluth), MAN PLUS, and most recently The Last Theorem, co-authored with the late Arthur C. Clarke. "Neither do the smartest futurologists. What those people do is try to imagine every important thing that may happen (so as to do in the present things which may encourage the good ones and forestall the bad) and that's what SF writers do in their daily toil."

Written by Daniel Dern16 Dec. 08 22:00

Real tools for virtual-world operations

IT service companies, like many of the Second Life solution providers, will be happy to help you build a virtual-world environment for your network operations or data center.
But it won't be cheap. It might run anywhere from tens or hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on how much IT stuff you've got, how many people it's for, and how much development and integration you need (and how many of these wheels haven't been implemented yet). And even then it may not have the features or provable reliability for mission-critical operations.

Written by Daniel Dern14 July 08 22:00