Stories by Dan Moren

A farewell to gadgets

No, no, Ernesto: this one goes here, that one goes there. Sorry, folks. While it's true that in most regards, penguins make incomparable valets, they are rather rubbish when it comes to packing suitcases. You know, penguin arms.

Written by Dan Moren07 May 08 22:49

Attack of the clones

If there's one issue the Mac community has long felt divided on, it's cloning. I'm not talking about the ethics of creating baby sheep, or the questionable efficiency of the <a href="">Republic's clone army</a>, but something far more important--running the Mac OS on hardware not manufactured by Apple. Over the years, a number of pundits and others have clamored for Apple to license its operating system to other hardware manufacturers, stating indefatigably that this would lead Apple to riches and glory.

Written by Dan Moren16 April 08 17:43