Stories by Craig Sands and Andrew Truscott

Strategies for keeping disaster recovery on target

It was a normal Monday batch process at a well-respected global bank - until, that is, a critical back-office system failed. At first, IT administrators took it in stride. This wasn't the only time they'd had to recover lost data. But soon it became clear something more ominous was occurring: the bank's multi-terabyte database had become corrupted.
The administrators tried to switch to the hot offsite backup. No luck: it had mirrored the corruption. In the IT world, the situation was beginning to spell 'crisis'. Applications teams and anyone else who could help had to suspend all priorities to focus on the failure. Despite best efforts, the target recovery time - four hours - came and went without a clue as to the problem's root cause or fix.

Written by Craig Sands and Andrew Truscott17 May 08 22:00