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NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson: 'Pure cloud' strategy pays off

NetSuite's third annual conference opened in San Jose today with a keynote speech from CEO Zach Nelson that featured customer stories, new product announcements and some outspoken criticism of the opposition, notably SAP.

Written by Sarah Putt15 May 13 22:34

Dimension Data CEO jumps ship to Gen-i

Robin Hartendorp has resigned as chief executive of Dimension Data for a role at Gen-i. He will be replaced by northern regional manager Simon Gillespie.
At Gen-i, Hartendorp has been appointed to the role of general manager central government, based in Wellington. The appointment, along with the return of general manager professional services Murray Young to Wellington, on a permanent basis signals Gen-i’s push to get back in favour with the government IT sector.

Written by Sarah Putt08 April 13 22:00

Telecom's UFB plans: fibre for data, copper for voice

Telecom’s Ultra Fast Broadband plans will be available from tomorrow, but customers connecting to fibre will retain their copper connection.
Announcing the plans at media function today, Telecom Retail CEO Chris Quin says residential plans will include a traditional landline rental service.

Written by Sarah Putt25 March 13 23:00

Telecom lay-offs prompt TUANZ to call for national digital architecture

The Telecommunications Users Association is calling on the government to create a national digital architecture, in light of the massive job losses predicted to occur at Telecom in the coming months.
In a blog post, CEO Paul Brislen says that the ICT industry is a rising star, but that more needs to be done than just “pay lip service to it.” He points out that constant changes to the Telecommunications Act, including the upcoming review of telco regulation, create “uncertainty and confusion”.
He says the plan would need to consider where the technology industry will be in 20 years, and believes it could rival the dairy sector as the number one export earner for New Zealand.

Written by Sarah Putt20 March 13 23:00

Orcon for sale, Kordia confirms

Kordia says it is in talks to sell its ISP Orcon.
The state owned enterprise has today released the following statement:
“Kordia has been in discussions regarding the sale of Orcon with several parties over a number of months. Interest in the business intensified following the announcement of its integration with Kordia in November last year.
“Discussions are continuing, and Kordia expects to be able to make a formal announcement in the coming weeks," says a statement from Kordia.
“Due to the confidential nature of our discussions, Kordia is not in a position to comment further at this time.”
Kordia bought the ISP from entrepreneur Seeby Woodhouse in 2007 for $24.3 million.

Written by Sarah Putt10 March 13 22:00

Telcos announce investment in trans-Tasman cable

A new submarine cable project that will link New Zealand and Australia at a cost of around US $60 million ($71 million) has been announced by Telecom, Vodafone and Telstra.

Written by Sarah Putt19 Feb. 13 23:02

Fairfax introduces Google Apps

Fairfax Media will introduce Google Apps for Business to all its divisions by November, CIO Andrew Lam-Po-Tang announced today.
The Google suite of tools includes Gmail, Google Docs, Drive, Talk, Hangouts, Google Sites and Google Video for Business. Lam-Po-Tang says in addition Chrome will replace Internet Explorer as the default browser.

Written by Sarah Putt04 July 12 22:00

IT not seen as pathway to board governance

Chairman of Vector Michael Stiassny champions diversity on boards — but that doesn’t include getting more IT executives into governance roles.

Written by Sarah Putt01 July 12 22:00

Delegats signs with AT&T as network partner

Wine maker Delegats has signed with AT&T as its network partner, connecting 12 locations in New Zealand via wide area network (WAN) services and eight sales offices overseas with virtual private network services.
Prior to the deal, Delegats data networks were managed by several different companies, resulting in higher latency and complications in managing different network infrastructure and specifications, according to an AT&T announcement.

Written by Sarah Putt19 June 12 22:00

Vodafone ditches offshoring, creates 100 IT jobs

Vodafone NZ is embarking on a campaign to fill 100 IT department vacancies, following a decision to move its offshore operation in India back in house.
Chief technology officer Sandra Pickering says the telco has decided it will be more efficient and cost-effective to hire permanent IT professionals in New Zealand, rather then continue with its current offshoring arrangement.

Written by Sarah Putt04 June 12 22:00

Tech career gave Sir Ralph Norris the edge

Sir Ralph Norris, whose IT career led to one of the most high-profile CEO roles in Australasia, credits his years as a CIO with giving him the edge in business.
Norris retired as CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in 2011 and was last week awarded the inaugural CIO Lifetime Contribution Award at a special ceremony in Auckland. It is the latest in a string of awards, the pinnacle of which was the knighthood he received in 2009.

Written by Sarah Putt06 May 12 22:00

Moutter's infrastructure experience gave him the edge: IDC

Simon Moutter’s experience in managing infrastructure may have given him the edge in securing the Telecom CEO role, says IDC senior telecommunication research manager Peter Wise.
“There’s a lot of simplification yet to be done system wise, and I think he’ll have a good background in that and at least be able to pick it up, whereas someone new coming in, it would take them a year at least.”

Written by Sarah Putt23 April 12 22:00

IDC telco analyst follows boss to Chorus

IDC senior market analyst for telecommunications Rosemary Spragg has quit for a role at Chorus.
Spragg will work for Rosalie Nelson, whom she previously reported to at IDC. Nelson resigned from IDC last month in order to take up the role of manager for market strategy at Chorus.

Written by Sarah Putt13 Dec. 11 22:00