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Gartner: Tough times call for CIO introspection

Technology advisory firm Gartner has come out with four strategic themes for CIOs to help them excel and deliver better personal and team outcomes beyond their core IT agenda.
"The unfolding economic crisis of late 2008 has created a more challenging situation than many businesses and most CIOs have ever experienced," said Mark Raskino, vice president and fellow at Gartner. "They face a daunting and uncertain year ahead. Many CIOs have already been instructed to operate with lower budgets and many more expect such instructions. Chief executives need to cut short-term costs very quickly to cope with volatile market sentiment in many industries and countries, but without damaging recovery growth prospects."

Written by Zafar Anjum07 Jan. 09 22:00

Security breaches higher during holidays

Businesses could be at risk of both physical and logical security breaches over the festive season and must take preventative action, warned Richard Moss, general manager, business continuity, security and governance practice, Asia Pacific, BT.
BT is a communications solutions provider.

Written by Zafar Anjum03 Dec. 08 22:00

Mumbai attacks force rethinking of travel security

Amid stoking other security concerns, one significant impact resulting from the Mumbai blasts is that it has made international travellers and companies rethink their travel security issues.

Written by Zafar Anjum03 Dec. 08 04:30

CIOs advised to plan for growth

Don't wait for signs of a return to growth to begin planning for business growth, advised Gartner analysts at the recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Sydney.
An economic downturn can be a perfect time to undertake projects that warrant priority, because of their impact on future growth, said senior vice president and global head of research Peter Sondergaard.

Written by Zafar Anjum12 Nov. 08 22:00

'Cyberloafing' is good

Employees feel that 'cyberloafing - the non-work related use of their
workplace computer - is acceptable and helps them work better. This is

Written by Zafar Anjum08 Nov. 08 22:00

Leading IT ladies

It's early morning in Kuala Lumpur. Yasmin Mahmood starts her day with prayers, spends quality time with her family before sending her son to school. She then heads off to work, by car or sometimes by LRT, which she thinks is a clever mode of transport to beat the traffic jams.
About the same time, across the causeway in Singapore, Jessica Tan starts her day by spending time with her teenage kids and sends them to school. By 8.00am she's in the office.

Written by Zafar Anjum01 Oct. 08 22:00