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Weak points arise in wireless security awareness

The increasing deployment of wireless networks and wireless devices has given rise to security concerns on a number of levels. Concerning wireless networks -- firstly, how secure is the technology itself? Secondly, how does it impact the security of the company's IT infrastructure? And, lastly, how should mobile devices making use of public access hot spots be secured? Patrick Evans, regional manager, Symantec Africa, says there are three areas of concern when it comes to mobile devices: open operating systems utilized on many mobile devices; the mass distribution of mobile devices; the fact that many users leave devices connected to the Internet at all times. Add to that the fact that many users merely press the 'next' key when installing software, automatically enabling NetBIOS in MS Windows, for example, and the fact that many companies run wireless networks without even basic security enabled, and you have a huge potential problem.

Written by Samantha Perry31 May 05 20:01