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Five projects that need your attention right now!

There's always too much to do. If you had an infinite budget and project schedule, or at least more resources than you have now, you could accomplish impressive things for your company. Performing triage means you need to pick IT projects that can deliver the most bang for the buck. Accordingly, we discuss five projects that deserve a CIO's immediate attention. We chose these projects because they have a measurable impact, contain elements with a relatively fast ROI, and enhance both network security and manageability.
To start with, we discuss identity and access management, to ensure that the right people can get to the right resources. Next is Linux integration. Linux is here to stay, and it's time that you integrate it into your infrastructure. We follow with discussions on patch and change management, both integral pieces in terms of reliability and security for your network. Finally, we talk about incident management, a hot topic for any organization wishing to control costs and keep users content, whether they're behind a desktop or are business partners.

Written by Dustin Puryear20 Oct. 07 21:00