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Health care could save billions with e-records

Digitizing medical records in the U.S. could save the health care industry as much as US$81 billion a year and help medical practitioners avoid mistakes, according to a study released by the Rand Corp.
The study found that electronic medical records systems save money by reducing redundant care, speeding patient treatment and improving safety.

Written by Lucas Mearian12 Sept. 05 22:00

Gulf Coast storm and floods challenge IT

At 2 a.m. on Aug. 27, two days before Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, Tim Babco grabbed a red binder containing the latest version of SCP Pool Corp.'s disaster recovery plan, put his dog and cat in the car, locked up his house and drove 500 miles from Covington, La., to the company's emergency operations center in Dallas.

Written by Lucas Mearian02 Sept. 05 16:27

Visa's CTO David Allen on challenges, change

David Allen, chief technology officer at Inovant LLC, Visa International Inc.'s IT organization, has overseen the opening of a new 70,000-square-foot data center for payment processing and the rollout of an upgrade to the company's global antifraud system. Davis spoke with Computerworld Tuesday about the company's security initiatives and the IT challenges he faces.

Written by Lucas Mearian16 June 05 17:51

Missing backup tapes spur encryption at Time Warner

Time Warner this week said it will "quickly" begin encrypting all data saved to backup tapes after 40 tapes with personal information on about 600,000 current and former employees were lost in transit to a storage facility.

Written by Lucas Mearian09 May 05 11:05

Tape mishap prompts calls for disk backups

Bank of America has disclosed that it lost digital tapes containing the credit card account records of 1.2 million federal employees -- including 60 U.S. senators. Users and analysts said the mishap highlights the risk of physically moving archived data to storage facilities and will likely feed a movement toward network-based disk-to-disk backup systems.
The data loss, which occurred late last year, also prompted legislators to renew calls for national legislation similar to California's identity theft law, which requires immediate disclosure when customer information is compromised.

Written by Lucas Mearian05 March 05 22:00

IBM, Sun look to simplify IT infrastructure

IBM and Sun Microsystems are both building software to provide systems administrators with a single, consistent view of their IT infrastructures, from business applications and related servers, through the network and down to the storage arrays.

Written by Lucas Mearian21 Feb. 05 11:28

UK deploys electronic image archiving in all hospitals

General Electric Co. and EMC Corp. announced this week that they have won a US$200 million contract to install electronic image archiving systems in 70 hospitals in the U.K., as part of an effort to centralize communications and modernize technology throughout the national health system.

Written by Lucas Mearian23 Nov. 04 22:58

Grid storage vision appeals to IT managers

Storage vendors are taking a cue from the server world of grid computing and building modular array systems that can nondisruptively grow processing power along with capacity.
In two weeks, Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Network Appliance Inc. plans to come out with upgrades and enhanced features for its Storage Grid architecture, a set of disk arrays and switches that pool processing and storage capacity among network-attached storage (NAS) servers.

Written by Lucas Mearian07 Nov. 04 22:00

Sun moves to subscription-based storage

Sun Microsystems will begin offering a subscription-based pricing model on its disk arrays that lets customers pay a monthly fee for use of the hardware plus storage management tools and ongoing technical support.
In addition, Sun announced its first disk array based on low-cost Serial ATA drives for secondary storage applications. The company also introduced a midrange array with enterprise-class features and said it plans to add a line of network-attached storage devices this fall through a reseller deal with Procom Technology Inc. in Irvine, Calif.

Written by Lucas Mearian05 June 04 22:00

Amex defensive about offshore plans

Despite a denial by American Express, sources familiar with the company's IT planning insist that it has an internally stated goal to shift a major portion of its software development to offshore locations.
The sources said that New York-based Amex plans to move as much as 70 percent of development work offshore. That shift is an ongoing business objective, they said.

Written by Lucas Mearian10 Feb. 04 22:00

New storage products to double backup speed

FRAMINGHAM (01/09/2004) - Several storage vendors are testing new devices that could double the throughput of Fibre Channel storage-area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage boxes from the current 2Gbit/sec. rate.

Written by Lucas Mearian09 Jan. 04 18:08

EMC introduces 'metered' storage

EMC has introduced a remote storage metering device that's designed to allow its biggest customers to install standby storage and network bandwidth capacity and pay only for what they use.
EMC said its OpenScale Automated Billing appliance is being offered as part of its OpenScale storage asset and financial management program. First introduced in 1999, the OpenScale program has been limited to 50 to 100 EMC customers because its manual reporting process required field engineers to visit customer sites to determine how much storage was being used.

Written by Lucas Mearian26 Aug. 03 22:00

Tutorial/How-to: Plugging storage security holes

Storage systems weren't designed with security in mind. They started out as direct-attached, so if the host was secure, the storage was too. That's all changed.
Fibre Channel storage networks often have multiple switches and IP gateways, allowing access from a myriad of points. Compound this with poor work by systems administrators, new data security laws and recent high-profile cases of consumer information theft, and the need for improved storage security becomes urgent.

Written by Lucas Mearian26 Aug. 03 22:00

Sun pushes consolidation strategy

Sun Microsystems last week laid out a road map for its storage and IT services strategy, saying it will offer multivendor storage management technology and focus on helping IT managers consolidate the servers and storage devices in their data centers.

Written by Lucas Mearian14 July 03 07:57

Canadian credit union goes wireless to replicate data

In one of the first projects of its kind, a Canadian credit union this week has set up a wireless IP network to replicate banking data and other information from its primary data center to a disaster recovery site 32 miles away.
Steinbach Credit Union Inc. in Steinbach, Manitoba, said it's saving C$70,000 (US$47,762) a month by using a wireless setup instead of leasing a virtual private network. The company also didn't have to deal with last-mile connectivity issues, such as the need to lay fiber-optic cable from its buildings to a service provider's network.

Written by Lucas Mearian12 May 03 22:00