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Why sentient tools will be catastrophic to the job market

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that the rapid rise of sentient technologies such as autonomous cars will have a major impact on the job market that could leave a huge number of people unemployed and a substantial number of companies non-viable.

Written by Rob Enderle08 Oct. 16 02:40

How analytics could end layoffs

By using analytics wisely, columnist Rob Enderle writes, layoffs could become obsolete.

Written by Rob Enderle02 Sept. 16 21:00

Clinton wins, how analytics cost Trump the election

Columnist Rob Enderle takes a look into the future, a future in which Hilary Clinton became president and Donald Trump didn’t. It all came down to analytics.

Written by Rob Enderle23 July 16 02:45

The next stage

There’s been a lot written about the recent Gartner Executive Programs CIO survey in which business intelligence (BI) moved from being the number one technology priority of CIOs around the world for the past five years to number five in 2010. Certainly it’s something I have been asked about a lot since it was published.
Shortly after the survey results were published, Mark McDonald, the head of research for Gartner’s Executive Programs service, wrote on his blog about some of the reasons behind the drop: “Business intelligence ‘the management capability’ needs to replace BI the technology.”

Written by Ian Bertram03 May 10 22:00

The next generation enterprise intelligence

Competing to survive, by offering the best product or service in this digital age, will soon be an understatement for companies. Businesses not harnessing intelligence will crash on the roads of the digitised highway. A lot of enterprises will fail not because they have bad products or poor services. Rather, companies falter due to their inadequate intelligence about their own performances, processes and people.
Let’s look at a few business intelligence areas for a company. Financial intelligence, through financial statements, is widely available and is the most prevalent, given the scrutiny of the government regulators. Beyond financials, the next generation intelligence is a network of corporately available data that will give rise to a new class of intelligence.

Written by Eric Loh13 Feb. 10 22:00