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How to write a CISO job description

The chief information security officer has a big, mission critical job. Make sure you spell out the CISO's duties and expectations for the role.

Written by Taylor Armerding25 July 17 19:00

CIO Jan/Feb Digital Magazine: State of the CIO 2017

Cover story: The new reality. The CIO role is integral to today’s increasingly digital businesses, but transformational IT executives aren’t necessarily shedding their functional responsibilities — get used to it.

Written by By CIO Staff25 Jan. 17 02:50

How to choose the right project management methodology

Identifying available project management methodologies (PMM) is one thing, deciding which one works best for a particular project is much more complicated. Here's how to make the right choice.

Written by Moira Alexander28 Sept. 16 22:19

How millennials are shaping the future of work

Millennials are a driving force in the future of the workplace, pushing companies to modernize in order to keep up with the competition.

Written by Sarah K. White04 Aug. 16 23:39

What's next for LinkedIn?

Following Microsoft's blockbuster $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, many questions remain regarding the professional social network's future.

Written by Matt Kapko04 Aug. 16 22:00

CIOs expand their horizons

Meet IT leaders who are pushing the boundaries of their job descriptions -- and finding that doors are opening to them elsewhere in the C-suite.

Written by Kristen Lamoreaux01 Aug. 16 23:23

CIOs question value of Microsoft’s LinkedIn buy

More than a month after the news of the massive acquisition broke, some CIOs are still wondering exactly what Microsoft is getting in the $26.2 billion deal.

Written by Clint Boulton22 July 16 03:43

8 things you need to know about Google AMP

The next big thing in SEO is AMP, or Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages. Search pros break down AMP and share insights on what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

Written by James A. Martin06 July 16 22:00

How CIOs can improve B2B social marketing

The recent rise of B2B social selling puts CIOs in a powerful position to help integrate critical digital marketing processes with key business systems such CRM and ERP.

Written by Matt Kapko23 June 16 23:25

How to hire for the right big data skill set

Hiring the right data scientists, analysts and engineers can be a daunting task. But with the right strategy, you'll be able to find the great candidates in no time.

Written by Sarah K. White22 June 16 21:40

3 tips for negotiating the salary you deserve

Successfully negotiating a starting salary or for a raise comes down to being able to prove three things: your accomplishments, your achievements and your value.

Written by Sharon Florentine21 June 16 22:33

How agile helps attract and retain millennial tech pros

IT organizations are in search of talent, but they are finding that the agile methodology is great for attracting and retaining the next generation of engineers and developers.

Written by Sharon Florentine07 June 16 21:52

‘Vendor overload’ adds to CISO burnout

Security tools are crucial in protecting organizations from online threats. But the glut of tools on the market can lead to information overload for CISOs trying to evaluate them all.

Written by Taylor Armerding02 June 16 20:34

PwC’s CIO on the power of collaboration

Sigal Zarmi’s experience leading a pan-European system rollout taught her valuable lessons in building consensus, working through cultural differences and implementing the right change-management policies.

Written by Brian Watson04 May 16 03:06

Is outsourcing IT worth the compliance risk?

While the feds have certainly put hurdles in place to prevent abuse, outsourcing IT in a highly regulated industry like banking may very well lead to higher standards and quality outcomes.

Written by Bruce Harpham30 March 16 21:55