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​Kate Burleigh quits as Intel MD

Intel’s Australia and New Zealand managing director Kate Burleigh is leaving after 20-years at the chip maker.

Written by Byron Connolly29 May 17 12:17

Here's how Google is preparing Android for the AI-laden future

The future of Android will be a lot smarter, thanks to new programming tools that Google unveiled on Wednesday. The company announced TensorFlow Lite, a version of its machine learning framework that’s designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices, during the keynote address at its I/O developer conference.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank18 May 17 10:26

The ‘cobots’ are coming. Is your IT team ready?

These collaborative robots work alongside human employees, sending productivity sky-high. But IT teams must be ready to take on complex programming, deal with connectivity issues and get used to sharing workspace with 6-foot-tall machines.

Written by Cindy Waxer16 May 17 20:00

Brands on social crisis: 'The sky is falling!'

Consumers (or even politicians) may voice polarising support or dissent but brands should assess the impact on their company bottom lines rather than assume that a vocal social response is negatively affecting their brand.

Written by Jessica Liu15 May 17 07:00

Why you need to stop comparing Snap to Facebook

Snap’s short life as a public company took a turn for the worse this week. While dramatic slides in value aren’t unprecedented for new publicly traded social firms, Snap does have some perception problems to address.

Written by Matt Kapko13 May 17 06:03

Why Amazon is putting Alexa everywhere

The head of Amazon’s Alexa business explains why the company is investing heavily in voice services for manufacturers of various device types.

Written by Matt Kapko11 May 17 00:32

Kiwi SMEs need to brace for ‘age of change’

Nearly half of all SMEs expect to see significant disruption in the next 10 years, but majority adopt a ‘wait and see approach’, reports MYOB.

Written by Edited by Divina Paredes09 May 17 19:15