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Has your cloud consultant gone crazy?

You might not have noticed it, but cloud implementation consultants and contractors have been acting increasingly stupid over the last couple of years. If you think this doesn’t affect you and your project, you’re wrong.

Written by David Taber12 Sept. 16 23:33

4 ways to make agile and waterfall work together

In theory, the two methodologies don’t mix. In practice, they almost always have to. Here are four tactics to make these opposites work together.

Written by David Taber09 July 16 01:16

How to end online harassment

The wisdom of the crowd is showing the way to a harassment-free social Internet: Bring back the "walled garden."

Written by Mike Elgan06 June 16 20:00

The pros and cons of hyper-converged solutions

Though hyper-converged solutions are currently very popular, columnist Rob Enderle writes that despite how flexible and powerful they can be, there are issues.

Written by Rob Enderle19 March 16 01:55

How to convince the CFO of the budgetary security need

It had been custom for organizations to think of cyber security in terms of an information technology (IT) problem best left to IT people to address and fix. However, as more prolific breaches were publicized exposing a variety of sensitive personal, financial, and intellectual property-related data, it became clear that this was a rather myopic view in today’s increasingly interconnected world.

Written by Brian Contos10 Feb. 16 05:08

For a future-ready IT organization, think multithreaded, not bimodal

Buying into bimodal IT is like a CIO owning acres of swampland, writes Richard Pastore of the CIO Executive Council. Even if the CIO builds one or two digital smart homes on the swamp, it’s still a bad, bad neighborhood.

Written by Richard Pastore24 Nov. 15 22:47

Bimodal is a cop-out

Why would an organization adopt bimodal IT? It says an IT group needs to move both quickly and slowly for an effective digital workplace. I recommend that CIOs embrace DevOps – the jewel in the crown in the cloud world – and apply its principles of agile, elastic thinking to their legacy world.

Written by Peter Bendor-Samuel12 Nov. 15 19:06

Why Google should buy Twitter ... NOW

The divergent paths of Facebook, Google and Twitter have never been clearer than they were this week. We learned that half of the world's estimated online population now uses Facebook at least once a month, that Twitter's growth is at an impasse and that Google is all but throwing in the towel with Google+.

Written by Matt Kapko01 Aug. 15 23:11

Why Google's enterprise pitch is a confusing mess

Can you explain to your business colleagues what Google for Work is? If so, you're miles ahead of Google. The company's foray into the enterprise has been little more than a hodgepodge of silos, delineated by products and their respective teams. The company is doing a poor job marketing the entirety of Google for Work because the initiative overlaps with individual product sales and leads to operational confusion.

Written by Matt Kapko01 Aug. 15 02:37

5 lessons from Google that everyone should learn

There are two levels at which Google excites. There is a systematic stream of advances, such as those presented at the 2015 <a href="">Google I/O event</a> earlier this year -- Android M, Google Photos and the like.

Written by By Azmi Jafarey17 July 15 20:11

Cloud computing has its ‘Jevons Moment'

In 1865, the English economist William Stanley Jevons published The Coal Question, a book with a prosaic title that contained profound implications. Jevons set out to establish the size of England's coal reserves, a critical question for industrial and naval power. During his research, he stumbled upon a curious paradox: As coal use became more efficient due to the advent of better quality steam engines, coal consumption rose rather than fell.

Written by Bernard Golden12 June 15 00:18

Amazon adds array of Fire TV apps and Echo enhancements

Amazon's technology products aren't always a success -- consider the ill-conceived Fire Phone, bless its bumbling little heart. And the ecommerce giant sure draws a lot of "fire" -- check out this 5,000-word controversies Wikipedia article.

Written by James A. Martin09 June 15 01:16

The real Cloud computing revolution

My last post noted that the IT industry appears to suffer from cloud computing ennui, as the number of Google searches for the term over the past two years has dropped significantly. I also said that other evidence indicates that many IT users appear to have put cloud computing in the "done and dusted" category despite not really understanding it very well.

Written by Bernard Golden02 July 14 02:04

The rise of vagueness as a service

An unexpected trend is emerging in technology. Information presented to the user is growing vague. Columnist Mike Elgan explains why.

Written by Mike Elgan10 May 14 21:10

Business class service in the clouds

Consumer cloud services evolve so fast that they create expectations unmatched by business services. Is the 'business class' cloud appearing on the horizon? Or is it something that enterprise customers and ICT should create together?

Written by James Walker05 April 14 03:00

Why Facebook and Google+ are headed in opposite directions

The two major social sites, Facebook and Google+, are embracing opposite strategies for the future, but they are heading to the same place: To add social intelligence to everything you do.

Written by Mike Elgan25 Jan. 14 12:22

Why Major Misconceptions Surround the Enterprise Public Cloud

Recently I saw yet another slide presentation showcasing the decline of enterprise IT spending and the comparable increase in public cloud business. The conclusion? Enterprises just don't have money to spend and it's killing enterprise vendors.

Written by Rob Enderle24 Jan. 14 14:32

Change: An unstoppable force of nature – and information technology

Regardless of industry or organisation, the unstoppable forces of change will impact how IT services are operated and delivered. Organisations that choose to remain static will see their carefully crafted castles eventually crumble into a pile of sand.

Written by Greg Hunt07 Nov. 13 10:47