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Soul Machines launches Digital DNA

Says technology will make it easy to produce highly realistic digital humans in minutes.

Written by Divina Paredes14 Dec. 18 10:06

Deloitte acquires Kiwi Salesforce specialists CloudinIT

This is the latest in a series of moves in the digital space over recent years that, taken together, make Deloitte one of the largest digital advisory firms in New Zealand, says Deloitte CEO Thomas Pippos

Written by Divina Paredes19 Nov. 18 08:00

'Businesses want to be Amazon without doing Amazon'

Amazon lost almost US$3 billion before turning its first profit, and took significant risks. So what risks are you willing to take? Can you put a portion of today’s business model at risk to create tomorrow’s?

Written by Augie Ray11 Oct. 18 06:30

Spark New Zealand outlines plans for 5G network

We are already making decisions in the absence of any clear government policy on when that spectrum will be available or in what bands, says managing director Simon Moutter

Written by CIO New Zealand09 Aug. 18 07:33

Why is innovation so challenging? A CIO in-depth report

Balancing innovative projects with keeping the lights on responsibilities is the reality for most CIOs today. Our research suggests that tackling this challenge successfully requires adopting a two-step strategy that can apply to organisations across sectors and geographies.

Written by Dr Ilan Oshri18 June 18 10:00