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Why is innovation so challenging? A CIO in-depth report

Balancing innovative projects with keeping the lights on responsibilities is the reality for most CIOs today. Our research suggests that tackling this challenge successfully requires adopting a two-step strategy that can apply to organisations across sectors and geographies.

Written by Dr Ilan Oshri18 June 18 10:00

How to successfully present ERP to the board

Unless ERP strategies change to embrace and enable digital business, they – and the CIOs that propose them – will be relegated to a back office, low relevance activity

Written by Denise Ganly13 June 18 06:30

Why CIOs need to keep privacy front of mind in any project

The cost of getting privacy wrong is becoming significant, and a cost that can undo hard work spent designing products and services which look amazing, but fail to meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations of privacy, write Hayley Miller and Campbell Featherstone of Kensington Swan.

Written by CIO New Zealand06 June 18 06:30

Arts degree key to technology sector success

The talk has shifted to the importance of the education sector bringing together the arts with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects, leading to the rise of another acronym, STEAM, writes Justin Gray of Accenture.

Written by CIO New Zealand07 May 18 06:00

Victorian emergency services extend Motorola comms deal

Victoria’s emergency services have extended their deal with Motorola Solutions Australia to supply and upgrade the mission critical Metropolitan Mobile Radio network (MMR).

Written by George Nott24 April 18 00:00