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Wintec strengthens cybersecurity course

First school in NZ to offer network security programme from Fortinet on managing new and advanced cyber threats

Written by CIO New Zealand20 April 18 12:16

5 reasons why you should care about data

Data can add tremendous value to a company – but can also damage a brand if you don’t protect, leverage it or get it right.

Written by Carmen Vicelich07 Feb. 18 06:30

CIO upfront: New Zealand – a technology startup's dream?

As liberal adopters of new technology, New Zealand is a great spot to trial new products and bring emerging technologies to market, but there are opportunities to do more, write Liz Blythe of Russell McVeagh and Timothy Wixon of BNZ.

Written by CIO New Zealand22 Jan. 18 06:56

12 reasons why digital transformations fail

Lack of CEO sponsorship, talent deficiency, resistance to change — if you’ve encountered any of the following issues, you may want to rethink your digital transformation before it grinds to a standstill.

Written by Clint Boulton18 Jan. 18 22:00

Big picture collaboration – the key to adaptability

In an era of unprecedented change, there is broad agreement that problem-solving, critical thinking and adaptability skills are more important to the IT industry than they have ever been. So why is it, if the great majority of job candidates can demonstrate these skills, that organizations are still relatively slow to adapt? The answer is one of scale.

Written by Stephen Parry17 Jan. 18 07:20

Why Amazon is the new Microsoft

The Amazon Alexa platform dominated CES this year. The virtual assistant is shaping up to be the most important new operating system.

Written by Mike Elgan14 Jan. 18 18:30