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As Twitter hires, HP fires

With the attention given to Twitter's IPO, one might assume that the tech industry is dependent on its success. It isn't. Not even close.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau02 Jan. 14 21:06

State of the CIO 2014: The great schism

Digital strategist or traditional CIO? Our 13th annual State of the CIO research reveals the great career divide.

Written by Kim S. Nash02 Jan. 14 20:36

Gone viral: The memes and videos that defined 2013

Do you ever wonder what people 2000 years from now will think of our current society when they discover that we spent our days watching videos of angry-looking cats? I don't, and it's probably for the best. In any case, here are the biggest, best, bespoke memes that disrupted 2013.

Written by Nick Mediati30 Dec. 13 15:40

Smart devices get smarter, but still lack security

As you shop for that new "smart" refrigerator that can do everything including figuring out when you're low on milk, perhaps you should also think about the risk of some mischievous hacker taking control of it and having 5,000 gallons of milk delivered to your door.

Written by Taylor Armerding17 Dec. 13 20:01

CIO-plus: ICT on a mission: Climb Mt Everest

The year in numbers, the best tech products of 2013 and a LinkedIn profile that could land you your dream job – a roundup of news, reviews and trends for business technology leaders.

Written by Divina Paredes14 Dec. 13 18:02