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CIOs blind to 40 per cent 'shadow' IT spending at their firms

IT departments are "significantly underestimating" the budgets allocated to technology in others parts of the organisation, as more business leaders bypass the CIO and IT staff to execute their own projects, according to research.

Written by Antony Savvas29 Nov. 13 15:53

In pictures: CIO roundtable: ‘Avoiding a process crisis’

What programmes, strategies and/or roles do you have in place to drive quality, improvement and process excellence at your organisation? What is the role of the CIO in these programmes? These are some of the topics discussed at the CIO roundtable held in association with Promapp.

Written by Divina Paredes29 Nov. 13 07:45

Rethinking the worst case

How have business continuity strategies evolved in the new technology landscape of cloud and virtualisation? A panel of CIOs share their insights, and how they managed the raft of incidents impacting New Zealand enterprises in the past year.

Written by Divina Paredes26 Nov. 13 07:17

Target: Compounding organisational learning

Success in the modern digital economy is substantially a matter of getting started earlier and learning faster. Try new things. Discover what works and do more of it. Discover what doesn’t work and do less of it.

Written by Dr Steve Hodgkinson25 Nov. 13 06:00

MetService's forecast: Innovation

MetService has a dual persona – a state owned enterprise with full commercial operations worldwide. It is a unique setup that keeps CIO Alistair Vickers and his team on the leading edge of business technology.

Written by Divina Paredes24 Nov. 13 17:20

iPads in schools: The right way to do it

This was supposed to be the year of the iPad's crowning triumph in education--its adoption by and distribution throughout the nation's second-largest school district, Los Angeles. Events haven't quite turned out as planned.

Written by Joel Mathis22 Nov. 13 14:15

Are you winning?

I am constantly astounded at the number of people who cannot answer this question or can only answer it with generalities or anecdotes. They have no or very little objective data, writes Owen McCall.

Written by Owen McCall18 Nov. 13 07:36

6 tips to help you manage shadow IT

IT, mobile and security experts offer advice on how to minimise the risks associated with third-party apps and services as well as with employees using their mobile devices in the workplace.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff13 Nov. 13 14:26