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Informal ‘teleworking’ on the rise: study

Teleworking is now mainstream, but organisations do not necessarily have structures and policies around it, according to a new trans-Tasman survey.

Written by Divina Paredes30 Oct. 13 15:58

CIOs Want to Be Allies, Not Adversaries, With Business Users

For years, CIOs raged against stealth technology that could put their company's security - and maybe their authority - at risk. Today, though, IT executives see the world differently and are quick to explain that they should be ambassadors between tech vendors and business users.

Written by Tom Kaneshige21 Oct. 13 22:47

Rob Fyfe: The value of unfiltered feedback

Former Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe talks about ways to foster a customer-centric culture - from answering the most difficult customer complaints, to working the night shift to get first-hand account of what is happening in the organisation.

Written by Divina Paredes09 Oct. 13 10:11

Prepare for the Digital Industrial Economy: Gartner

This results in every budget being an IT budget; every company being a technology company; every business becoming a digital leader; and every person becoming a technology company, says Gartner senior vice president Peter Sondergaard.

Written by Divina Paredes08 Oct. 13 13:19

10 steps to ensure your IT outsourcing deal fails

The successful relationships share the same best practices while the failed arrangements are uniquely flawed. But, in fact, the most disappointing deals do share common characteristics.

Written by Stephanie Overby30 Sept. 13 05:38

BYOD blues: What to do when employees leave

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend is gaining steam, thanks to the cost benefits and increased productivity that can come from allowing employees to provision their own technology. Mobile workers are more likely to put in more hours, so if your employees want to buy their own equipment and do more work on their own time, it's a win for the company.

Written by Lisa Schmeiser25 Sept. 13 20:31

Critical collaboration

Graeme Osborne, National Health IT Board director, on working across sectoral groups to create the platform supporting personalised health records for all patients throughout New Zealand.

Written by Divina Paredes25 Sept. 13 06:21

Healthcare IT struggles to keep up with mobile health demands

Healthcare, like most industries, finds its hard to meet the mobility desires of employees (caregivers) and customers (patients). But while healthcare struggles with unique legal and regulatory impediments that other fields don't face, it's also poised to gain much more from what some call a 'mobile revolution.'

Written by Brian Eastwood27 Aug. 13 12:44


For Rob Fyfe, innovation and risk management go hand in hand, and he shares how this was demonstrated during his term as CIO and then chief executive at Air New Zealand.

Written by Divina Paredes18 Aug. 13 16:44

Why does IT exist?

The fundamental information within an organisation is way more important than any of the technology used to manage that information. This is what the ‘I’ in CIO represents, writes Geoff Lazberger. So how do you impress upon the executive team the real value of information?

Written by Geoff Lazberger15 Aug. 13 06:58

Spotlight on 'Rogue IT'

A discussion on ‘raising the strategic profile of IT’ at the CIO Summit morphed into a treatise on how CIOs are managing the multiple layers of an in-house/cloud/mobile/BYOD environment. The backdrop to what is variously called “shadow”, “stealth”, or “rogue” IT; the term refers to technology used by employees without clearance or even knowledge by the IT team.

Written by Stephen Bell and Divina Paredes14 Aug. 13 06:26