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Google gives users keys to data on Dashboard

Google has launched a new tool for users to control and administer their personal data.
The Google Dashboard was developed in Germany and Switzerland as a portal to provide a real-time analysis of all the information Google has recorded from a logged-in user.

Written by Rachael Bolton04 Nov. 09 22:00

Collaboration through Web 2.0

Collaboration is a very human characteristic. Many groups have a natural preference for defining themselves by working together peer-to-peer, rather than acting solely on commands from a higher level in a hierarchy. It is hardly surprising that the tendency should be reflected in the commercial (or public good) enterprise, when a collaborative structure is feasible.
In collaboration, it can be argued, the talents of each member of the group are more easily released to complement one another for the common good, rather than suppressed by their being treated as interchangeable drones in the hive, limited by their job description.

Written by Stephen Bell12 Oct. 09 22:00

The true cost of Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint has unquestionably garnered a lot of attention from business users and IT. Toby Bell, Gartner Inc.'s research vice president, calls SharePoint 2007 "nothing short of a phenomenon." He says the growing number of searches for SharePoint on indicates high interest in the product and some confusion about its value.
"For Microsoft and its partner ecosystem, it's easy to see SharePoint becoming the billion dollar baby in ECM [enterprise content management]," says Bell via email. "[However,] estimating the potential ROI of SharePoint and related products for enterprise buyers is harder."

Written by Russ Edelman29 June 09 22:00

Power of sharing

As the financial world went into shock on the infamous Lehman Brothers Monday of September 15, 2008, finance chiefs across North America and Europe struck a line through billions of dollars' worth of technology spending.
Major vendors, including SAP, Intel and Microsoft, felt the squeeze almost instantly, and warned investors to expect huge declines in revenue in coming months.

Written by Ben Woodhead03 May 09 22:00

Unifying for greater collaboration

Knowledge workers communicate with each other using a variety of desktop and mobile communication technologies and tools: desk phones, email, instant messaging, mobile phones and handheld devices, plus web-based communities and hosted services available via the so-called Web 2.0.
By enabling quick sharing of information even across time zones and geographies, these technologies and tools make it possible for knowledge workers and their organisations, to work together, i.e., collaborate.

Written by Lim Kok Kiong27 Nov. 07 22:00