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AI, blockchain and the future of work in 2018

“Adaptability remains the prime trait of interest, and a key determinant of success for both the individual and organisation alike,” reports Nathan Bryant-Taukiri of Potentia.

Written by CIO New Zealand22 Dec. 17 07:00

How today’s CIOs grapple with unsanctioned tech

Thanks to the cloud and mobile devices, ‘shadow IT’ has become a key concern for CIOs in every industry. Here, CIOs share their real-world experiences reining in tech outside their formal control.

Written by Clint Boulton10 Dec. 17 17:08

Why being ‘Secure by Design’ matters

While common sense might dictate that security vulnerabilities are likely to be more expensive and time-consuming to fix after the fact, it is still frequently overlooked (or simply cast aside) until later in the piece, writes Tom Moore of Aura.

Written by CIO New Zealand01 Dec. 17 07:43

The Warehouse Group joins PartPay platform

Timothy Kasbe, group chief information and digital officer, says flexible payment options part of retailer’s expansion of its digital offerings

Written by Divina Paredes10 Nov. 17 08:21

Why NZ regulation must keep up with technological change

“Trying to shoehorn new services into old regulatory models hurts everyone except old incumbent producers,” according to a report by The New Zealand Initiative and InternetNZ.

Written by Divina Paredes09 Nov. 17 18:52